1. Coast To Country Hearing Solutions

Coast To Country Hearing Solutions are a high-end medical centre specialising in intelligent, great quality hearing aids. They needed their signage to reflect this as their signs were outdated and no longer a reflection of their business.


The Little Bee Marketing Signage team had the idea to do some high-quality indoor signs on all four of their internal doors, now when their clients come in for an incredible level of hearing care, the signage inside reflects this with beautiful imagery and compassion placed into each design. All reflective of their new branding. 

                   Indoor Signs

Coast To Country Hearing Solutions also had a large, outdated sign out the front which needed an update to reflect their new branding and logo, carefully built by the team at Little Bee Marketing with precision and care. Their outdoor sign now creates a beautiful feeling for clients both coming and going and has been chosen with specific colours to invoke the feeling of safety and warmth.



The Little Bee Marketing Signage team felt it important that the entire customer experience reflected the new branding and image, so Little Bee Marketing has also created some beautiful front-door signs so the Coast To Country Hearing customers now have a fully matching experience from the street, to the front door all the way through to the clinic rooms and all the way through their appointments with the high-end service their clients have come to expect The new signage has lifted Coast To Country Hearing Solutions branding to match the incredibly thoughtful and caring experience that their clients will receive from their staff

Front Door